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Why Should You Consider Commercially Waterproofing Your Business?

The most efficient, and perhaps the easiest, way to prevent mould and watermarks from forming inside your walls is to commercially waterproof your business. Not only does it prevent harmful bacteria from growing on the walls, but it also helps maintain the building’s structural integrity. By doing this, you will help prevent moisture, as well […]

How to Repair & Maintain Patio Decking

Now that summer time is almost here many people are looking forward to enjoying the fresh air and sunshine out on their patio decking. Decking often goes overlooked during the winter months and it can be a nasty shock to find it has become damaged.  Here’s how to repair your decking ready for summer. Everything […]

How Data Centres Are Moving To Reduce Water Waste Through Cooling Towers

In today’s tech-savvy world, people are using considerable amounts of water to cool the large centres that accommodate computer data systems.  It may appear counter-intuitive that computing systems rely on water; however, water is usually utilised to cool these computers, which generate lots of heat. Because the water capacity needed by data centres for cooling […]